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Mandalay Marionettes Theatre

Mandalay Marionettes Theatre

66th Street, Between 26th & 27th Street, Mandalay
  • Mandalay Region
  • Chanayethazan Township

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In the Past, Myanmar Puppetry was not only for entertainment, but also a high art held in much esteem by all classes. Marionettes were a means of making people aware of current events, a medium for educating the people in literature, history and religion, display of lifestyles and customs. At the same time, they functioned as mouthpieces for the people in the days of royalty, tiny hands in state and social affairs.
Nowadays, the old traditional marionette generation has almost faded away. This is simply due to the lack of patronage required during the last few decades.

Opens: -
Phone: 02-344-46

Thawdar Soe

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